These are many ways we share God's gifts. We give back by volunteering within our own church; by supporting and helping with local missions such as Rebuilding Together and feeding the hungry, missions farther afield such as Appalachia Service Project, and international missions such as our Brazil partnership; and by donating our resources to support the church's operation expenses and ministry goals.

Opportunities to Serve

There are countless ways to share your time and talents within our own church. You may wish to serve in a leadership position, on a church ministry, or volunteer for specific needs. Take a moment and fill out our Opportunities to Serve Form, and you will be matched with the appropriate ministry.



Within our own community, there are many projects available to help others such as Rebuilding Together, Reid Elementary School, the LAMB's Basket, CARITAS, and Camp Hanover. RRPC participates in these and other local projects to improve the lives and wellbeing of those in need of help. Whether it is working on someone's home, serving in a local soup kitchen, tutoring a child, or providing food and manpower to a local food pantry, there is a place for you to make a difference.

Farther Afield

We regularly participate in mission projects within our region Each year our youth and adult leaders travel and work in teams as part of the Appalachia Service Project. RRPC also provides assistance in fighting hunger through monthly Nickels for Hunger. When disaster strikes, we give generously to the PCUSA's Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program.


We have an ongoing partnership with Second Presbyterian Church of Hortolandia in Brazil to participate in mission trips and provide helpful resources. We host annually a Stop Hunger Now event to assemble and package meals for 25,000. Our Military Support Committee provides care packages and messages to our service men and women stationed around the world.



At the heart of our reformed faith is the grace of God, undeserved and unearned, to which our giving is a Christian response. The fact that God provides for the church should make us more eager to give and thus, participate with God in his work here at River Road Presbyterian Church. Contributing to your church enables it to carry on the work of sharing Christ's message to others through meaningful worship and music, educational programming, and care for God's family within the church and abroad.


Each fall, the Stewardship and Finance Ministry has a stewardship campaign to remind us how important the work of the church is and how meaningful your gifts are to the church and beyond. Making a pledge helps the Stewardship and Finance Ministry budget for the coming year, and even more importantly, helps our members live their out their faith by giving back what God has first given us. When stewardship time comes around, please make your pledge and consider tithing or increasing your pledge from the previous year.

Online Giving

We will soon be offering online giving for your convenience. Look for more information to come.



The Endowment Fund of River Road Presbyterian Church allows your generosity to have value long after your initial gift. These endowed funds support God's mission within and throughout every aspect of our church's life. Gifts to this fund make it possible to contribute to the work of the church both now and in the future, since only the interest or income is used. Gifts may be in the form of cash, property, stocks, bonds, etc. They may be given at any time or be designated by will or bequest. A gift to the Endowment Fund in the form of a charitable remainder trust enables the donor to receive income from the trust for life. Your commitment to supporting the good works of our church while creating a legacy for your family can be inspiring and fulfilling. If you are interested in establishing an endowed gift or to consider River Road in your estate plans, please contact our Treasurer, Linwood Cobb, or any member of the Endowment Board of Trustees.

Special Funds

In celebration of the many things God has given us, these gifts are encouraged and may be designated by the donor to any fund listed or for any special use approved by the Session. If a gift is made with no designation indicated, the Session may determine the appropriate fund or use of the gift. When a gift is received in memory of someone, both the donor and the family of the person memorialized will receive an acknowledgement. All monies within these funds will be used for the purposes indicated and in the manner described for each category. See below the various special funds we have in place at River Road Presbyterian Church.

Columbarium Fund

This fund was established in June, 1999, for the purpose of constructing and maintaining the Columbarium. Gifts may be made in one of two ways, as a niche reservation at $2200 minimum per niche or as an outright gift of any amount.

Harriet R. Dunbar Memorial Music Fund

A memorial fund has been established to honor the life and faith of Harriet Dunbar, who made an extraordinary contribution to River Road Presbyterian Church, including participation in Music Ministry. Dividends and interest of the fund are designated for the concert series, Music in a Sacred Space, as a ministry of River Road Presbyterian Church to glorify God through music or artistic excellence and to offer God's gift of music to our community.

Fox-Ould Memorial Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in memory of Nathaniel Hassel Fox, father of Mary Jane Ould, in 1997, the year of the 100th anniversary of his birth. The intent of the fund is to provide scholarships to applicants attending college or graduate school. The church receives applications annually by May 1.

Charlene Z. Fritz Music Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2000 to support the music ministry at River Road Presbyterian Church. The principal of the fund is to remain intact, with the interest of the fund to be used to offset the registration expenses of any person, excluding church staff members, who participates in a music conference or music educational event.

Ann Jackson McCoy Flower Fund

Ann Jackson McCoy's two sons, Robert and Bruce, established this fund in 1990, in memory of their mother. The income from the fund is used to provide flowers for the Sanctuary.

Memorial Fund

The Session established this fund to receive special memorial gifts, all of which are designated for specific purposes by the Session. Often, the donor, in consultation with the Session, designates the gift for a particular purpose.

Monroe Wells Fund

This fund was established in 1973, in memory of Monroe Wells to provide scholarship aid and funds for members of River Road for continuing education.

Donald D. Williams, Jr. Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Williams established this fund in 1968, in memory of their son who was killed in military action. The Session administers the fund to provide scholarships for the underprivileged children of Richmond to attend summer camp.

People in Need Fund

The ministers of the church dispense these funds to care for persons and families in need within our church and community.