Planned Giving opportunities

Another Way to Support the Ministries of River Road Presbyterian Church

"You can't have a perfect day without doing something for someone who'll never be able to repay you."

— John Wooden


Make It Yours

By making a gift to honor someone important to you or to preserve the memory of a loved one who has passed away, you, too, will be making a difference — in the lives of those touched by our ministries.

By making a gift to our Endowment Funds or the Church's General Operating Fund, you enrich the lives of the many people who are impacted by God's message

What to Give

Philanthropy should be easy. When you give to River Road Church, your gift should be simple to make. You choose what to give, how to give, and how your gift will be used. You can enrich the lives of current and future members and create a family legacy for generations to come.

A variety of options are available to help you achieve your financial and philanthropic goals. In addition to the option of making a current outright gift (such as by check or transferring securities, you can choose to give a gift of real estate, personal property, or a testamentary gift (which will occur after your lifetime).

Establishing a Legacy

River Road offers both endowed (distribution of income only for ministry purposes, but not principal) and non-endowed (distribution of both principal and income for necessary and capital purposes) funds.

Estate planning offers you the opportunity to make an enduring statement of faith. This act of Stewardship can leave an indelible mark on our church or a mission program that you have chosen. You may be surprised that even a small asset can be turned into a gift which will support your choices in perpetuity. To learn more about planned giving to River Road Presbyterian, contact our church treasurer, Linwood Cobb.