The Christian Education Ministry of River Road Presbyterian Church is kicking off a new program, People of the Book. During 2018, you and your friends are invited to join a book club and read parts of the Bible together. Materials will be online and shareable on your Facebook page.

Why read the Bible?
John Calvin, the 16th Century reformer, claimed the Bible provides the “spectacles of faith.” The metaphor of spectacles suggests that the Bible offers corrective vision to help us see the world aright. Reading the Bible grinds the lenses of faith by:

  • Helping us see Jesus, who is the clue to making sense of life.
  • Providing a vocabulary (words such as creation, sin, redemption, neighbor, gift, etc.) that helps us attend to realities in our lives.
  • Setting our lives, as well as history, and even natural history in the larger drama of God’s work of creation and salvation.
  • Correcting sinful, human traditions that inevitably grow up in the church, as demonstrated by the Reformation.

Why Mark?
We are starting with Mark because it is the oldest gospel. Plus in January Andrew Whitehead and I are preaching a series of sermons based on Mark’s first chapter.

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