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A brand new book group is coming to RRPC!

Join the Christian Education Ministry Team's challenge as they kick off 2018, reading the Bible. Sign up for People of The Book and discover the spiritual nourishment gained from reading the Bible alongside theologians, church educators, and church friends. Best of all, CE offers the convenience of reading on your time schedule with your preferred method (electronic or paper). Make the commitment to grow in your spiritual faith by digging deeper in this “library” filled with genealogies, love songs, letters, history, and novellas.

How to get started?

  • Mark your calendar to begin in January! Don’t worry if you miss, you can join the group at any time. Here, you will find the monthly reading assignments.
  • Each month will feature one or more books, an RRPC theologian/educator, a brief overview, and assigned readings.
  • Questions about the reading material? Go to People of the Book and feel free to ask the Bible leader your questions.
  • Weekly bite-sized chunks of material keep the reading manageable.

Become a People of the Book and join us in January as Dr. Raymond Roberts kicks off with the Book of Mark.

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