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Checkbox - Christian Education Ministry
The CE Ministry plans and implements educational ministries among children, youth, and adults.
Checkbox - CE - Teaching Sunday School
Checkbox - CE - Vacation Bible School
Checkbox - CE - Youth Group
Checkbox - CE - 100 Things Challenge
Checkbox - Worship and Music Ministry
The Worship and Music Ministry plans and provides for worship services and oversight of music programs and choirs.
Checkbox - Fellowship & Hospitality MInistry
The Fellowship and Hospitality Ministry plans and provides opportunities for fellowship among congregation members.
Checkbox - Mission and Service Ministry
The Mission and Service Ministry works with local and global outreach opportunities.
Checkbox -Growth and Outreach Ministry
The Growth and Outreach Ministry welcomes new members to our congregation.
Checkbox - Personnel Ministry
The Personnel Ministry advocates on behalf of and supports our church staff.
Checkbox - Property Ministry
The Property Ministry maintains and improves our grounds and buildings.
Checkbox - Stewardship and Finance Ministry
The Stewardship and Finance Ministry responds to God's Grace through the offering of our resources.
Checkbox - Deacons
The Deacons care for our congregation in times of need.
Checkbox - Presbyterian Women (PW)
PW provides study, fellowship, and mission opportunities for all women.
Checkbox - Other