Worship is central to our congregational life. River Road Presbyterian Church offers a multi-faceted array of musical ensembles and opportunities for our children to learn the language of faith and worship, for our youth to confirm their own expressions of faith, and for each of us to offer music to the glory of God and learn the skills which make our worship participation more fulfilling and give more profound expres­sion to our faith. Along the way, we also participate in concerts, festivals, and special events.

New singers, ringers, and instrumentalists are welcome any time, but September and January are the most natural entry points into the flow of the choir season. We also welcome guest singers to join us for seasonal events or come check us out for a few rehearsals.  New ringers normally join a handbell choir only in September or January.  Membership at RRPC is not a requirement.  We simply invite you to come join us in the celebration of God's gift of music.

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Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir rehearses and leads Traditional Worship September through mid-June and performs at additional seasonal events. Members come with a variety of musical backgrounds. The choir enjoys a varied repertoire ranging from traditional classics of sacred choral music to global and contemporary styles. One special feature of our Chancel Choir ministry is the presence of Music Scholars. These college students audition for the positions of section leaders, and upon recommendation of the Director of Music and approval of the Worship and Music Ministry and the Session, are provided a stipend each semester. While they are not present every week of the choir season, their contributions to the choir are significant.

Handbell Ensemble

Handbell ringing has an important place in the music ministry of RRPC offering music during worship, concerts, and festivals. Elementary aged children ring during Music 4 Kids on Wednesday afternoons. Youth in grade 6 through adults of all ages form intergenerational ensembles, which organize and rehearse based upon a coordination of schedules. Contact the Director of Music to find your place at the handbell tables.


RiverSound offers the primary musical leadership for the 9:00 a.m. Informal Worship service on Sunday mornings. The musical repertoire is varied, and the group practices on Wednesday evenings. Youth or adults interested in performing with RiverSound should contact Brian Mahne, Assistant Director of Music, for more information about playing with this group.

Music for Kids

Music for Kids offers a modular program for children in preschool through grade 5 and includes singing, ringing of choirchimes or handbells, and playing Orff instruments. Children not only learn to sing and develop musical skills but also explore the great themes of the Christian faith through the texts they sing as choir anthems and congregational hymns and songs. Most seasons include the production of a musical drama that retells a Biblical story. Our Music for Kids program is led by a staff that brings professional expertise, experience, and artistry assisted by adult and youth volunteers. Parents are welcome to volunteer and to sit in on rehearsals.