The beginning of wonderful preschool memories and friendships start in our infant room! Our babies are cared for by experienced moms who are friendly, enthusiastic, and responsive caregivers that create a calm, soothing, and happy environment. Your babies' needs are addressed with smiles, eye contact, and lots of loving interaction during, feedings, playtime, diaper changing, and rest time.  Babies are talked to and items are named to encourage their vocabulary development. Songs and soothing music is played while babies sleep in a relaxing and quiet separate sleeping room. There is plenty of cuddle time, and babies receive lots of individual attention. Daily sheets are filled out to indicate times and amounts of feedings, diaper changes, nap times and lengths, and activities that have occurred. Parents fill out the top portion of the sheet indicating the number of feedings anticipated, when their baby woke and how their evening went. The awake room is a bright and cheerful room with age appropriate toys, bouncers, community table with built in chairs for eating solids, soft gliders and cushioned mats, and boppies to help with tummy time. Your child’s happiness and development is our first priority as we provide a secure and safe program.

  • Teachers engage babies during tummy time
  • American Sign Language begins at 6 months of age
  • Visual engagement and tracking
  • Verbal engagement
  • Noisy toys to begin teaching cause and effect
  • Activities that encourage gross and fine motor skills help strengthen large and small muscle groups coordination
  • Rolling over, sitting up and crawling are encouraged in this room
  • Infant strollers are used to take safe walks outside in the fresh air.